Tips for Successful Farming

IPadSuccessful farming should be the cornerstone of every agent’s marketing efforts.Top producers say this is the key to acquiring new leads. Here at Fidelity we have compiled many tips over the years. Here are the best of the best:

Set Up a Database for Your Farm Areas – Create a profile of each home in the farm. Whether on your computer or just in a rolodex or card file, this should include any pertinent information including: birthdays, names, # of kids, pets, etc. Record dates visited, topics discussed—anything that will help you identify this household.

Know Your Competition – Find out what your competitors are doing in your area. Timing can affect the impact of your newsletters and other distributions. If you know what your competition is doing, you will be better able to plan your strategy.

Think Creatively – Use your imagination. You want to get the envelope opened and your letter read! Keep your eye out for clever or unique ideas and try to apply them to your marketing effort. Adapt ideas to each specific area.

Walk Your Farm – Learn the best times to call on people within your farm. Avoid calling too early or too late. Carry a ‘walking farm’ package with you so you know specific property information. Be empathetic with people and sensitive to their individual problems and routines.

Learn to Handle Rejection – It may take a lot of no’s before you get a yes. Your attitude will play an important part, so think positively and don’t get discouraged.

Don’t Forget Your Biggest Source of Referrals – Your friends, family and past clients can be a goldmine!

Target Farm – Your farm database should consist of 300-500 homes. Know your area including churches, schools, markets, etc. Focus on these clients instead of sending out thousands and thousands of letters in a ‘shotgun’ marketing attempt.

Label Your Farm – You should categorize your farms to target in on specific future clients. The following are some categories you can use to name your farms:

Non Owner Occupied – Send newsletters, brochures, pictures of the property to the owner. In a lot of these cases, the owner lives out of state and doesn’t see the property very often. Keep them in touch with their investment.

New Owner – Set up a “Welcome Wagon.” Provide community information and introduce them to their new neighbors.

Equity Owner – If the owners have lived in their home for at least 2 years, they are more likely to make a change. If they are happy to remain in their home, suggest they take advantage of their equity by refinancing and purchasing other property.

Homeowner’s Exemption – Make up note cards informing owner’s that they haven’t taken advantage of the homeowner’s exemption available to them. Attach your business card and distribute to all whom this applies to in your farm.

Real Estate Agent  – Identify all real estate agents within your farm…Get to know the competition. Your local Board of Realtors can help you with this information.

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